Built in 1915  //  Set with the backdrop of Tennessee farmlands and towering pecan trees, 

  you can feel 100 years of history the moment you set foot in this house.

These walls have a story to tell and they come alive at night. Come explore the levels of

  horror that are unlike anything you've ever experienced. 

Take your chances with the evil you can see and prepare yourself for the shadows. It's

  what you can't see that truly makes this a House Of Horror...

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There is no age limit; however, we strongly advise parents to use discretion and take into consideration that this is an adult-level attraction and we will not tone down the scares to accommodate children, as this would not be fair to other adults in your group.  We would probably do this for a group consisting of only children, but we’d need to know that in advance & still require at least one adult to accompany the group. Not advisable to wear skirts or high heels for women.

Please use caution if you are pregnant, have a heart condition or any other medical condition which could be aggravated by tight, enclosed spaces, pushing or shoving (by the group, not the workers), screaming and running. Sorry, we are not wheelchair accessible.


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