1. Where Do I Get Tickets?

     You can purchase tickets at our location every night we're open. Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for weekly giveaways.

2. How Much Does It Cost?

     General admission is $15 per person regardless of age.

3. Are There Any Discounts?

     Opening night Sept 29th 2017 we are offering 1/2 price admission for ladies

4. Is There An Age Limit?

     There is no age limit. However we ask parents to keep into consideration that this is an adult-level attraction. We do not tone down

     the scares to accomodate children. So please use discretion when bringing small children.

5. Are There Any Other Restrictions?

     It's advised that anyone who is pregnant or has a heart condition to take caution. There are tight dark spaces with effects in place to

     tax all your senses.

6. When Are You Open?

     Opening night is September 27th 2019. We're open every weekend in October as well as Halloween Night. Keep checking back here

     for any changes to the schedule.

7. How Long Are You Open?

     Our doors open at 7:30pm each night and closes at 11pm. Everyone who purchases a ticket before 11pm will make it through!

8. How Long Are The Lines?

     Like any attraction it depends on how many customers we have at any given time. The lines tend to be longer later in the season so

     come out early. 

9. Will Anyone In The House Touch Me?

     Our workers will not intentionally touch anyone. That being said, there are tight spaces. So there's no guarantee that customers and

     workers won't accidentally bump into one another. As for whatever else in the house...we can't say.

10. Is It Really Haunted?

     We're not here to convince non believers. Everyone has their own opinions on the supernatural. But there's not a worker here who

     hasn't experienced something they couldn't explain. The feeling of being watched. The sound of voices and footsteps. Strange smells

     that manifest. These are some of the experiences we've had and can't explain. One thing's for sure, you won't find anyone there by


11. Is There Security?

     Yes. We have Crockett County Sheriffs Deputies on location every night for the safety of the customers and workers.

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There is no age limit; however, we strongly advise parents to use discretion and take into consideration that this is an adult-level attraction and we will not tone down the scares to accommodate children, as this would not be fair to other adults in your group.  We would probably do this for a group consisting of only children, but we’d need to know that in advance & still require at least one adult to accompany the group. Not advisable to wear skirts or high heels for women.

Please use caution if you are pregnant, have a heart condition or any other medical condition which could be aggravated by tight, enclosed spaces, pushing or shoving (by the group, not the workers), screaming and running. Sorry, we are not wheelchair accessible.


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